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Brittany Delgaty [Delgatz] is an award winning filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. With a portfolio that spans from national campaigns to stylized, branded content, Brittany is a versatile force in the realm of commercial production.

Armed with a background in graphic design, Brittany brings a unique perspective to her work, crafting digital campaigns that are as visually captivating as they are strategically tailored to each client's needs. Her passion for storytelling transcends the confines of commercial projects, propelling her towards more extensive narrative endeavors.

Brittany's dedication to the art of storytelling finds its expression in her short film, "Sprinkle Brownies," currently making waves in festivals and earning accolades for its distinction as the best short film. Infused with a love for comedy, Brittany's writing reflects a keen understanding of what makes stories resonate—capturing the essence of humanity in relatable and compelling narratives.

Join Delgatz on her creative journey, where each project is an opportunity to blend artistry, humor, and the power of storytelling into a seamless and unforgettable experience.

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